Meet Rio

Rio the mascot and reason behind Scooch

Always seen as a real life teddy bear, Rio has spent many years playing that part well with his human siblings. When he's not on cuddle duty, he loves playing in the garden and scavenging for things he shouldn't be...

Pictured above in his Scooch bandana, Rio is also of course a cherished member of the taste testing panel here at Scooch!

How Scooch began

Baris's family welcomes home Rio the Cavapoo. Only weeks after his arrival did they discover that he had some health conditions, most notably a troublesome tummy!
Although they tested several options for Rio's diet to perk up his tummy, nothing seemed to be working.
After countless trips to the vet it became clear that pet health care was reactive, clunky and whole lot of guesswork.
With the support of experts, from vets through to canine nutritionists, Scooch was born and has helped thousands of doggos to date.
Hey! I am Rio, your AI Assistant

Never guess again

Whether it's the All-In-One to give them an overall boost in all the key places, through to tackling specific pain points like anal glands or allergies, there's something for every pup.

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