A healthier and happier pet is just a subscription away

One subscription to make your pet’s healthcare a no-brainer, from online assessment and health tracking to 24/7 video vet support and vet-formulated treatments.
  • Never guess again

    Always guessing if there’s something wrong with your furry friend? We made it easy to identify and navigate pet health problems.

  • Stay in control

    Can’t keep up with your pet’s health care? We provide insight into your pet's health state and supervise the treatment process.

  • Ensure long and happy life

    Pets can’t tell how they feel, often suffering from unnoticed issues for years. We help your pet to live healthier and happier life.

30% off your first order when you subscribe

Get 30% discount on your first order when you subscribe, as well as 24/7 vet support, health tracking, AI assistant and health tips.

Free training treats for any 2 products

Limited Time Offer! Use the code ‘SPRINGOFFER’ when you checkout with any 2 Scooch products, and we’ll throw in a free bag of Scooch superfood training treats!

20% off when you subscribe to 3+ packs

You asked, we listened. Lock in 20% off for life (instead of our standard 10%) when you subscribe to 3 or more packs. As usual, amend or cancel at anytime.

Human-grade products for your furry friend

Vet & nutritionist formulated

Plant based 100% natural ingredients

No fillers & additives, low fat & calorie

Clinically proven ingredients

grain & wheat free

eco-friendly pack

£19.60 £28.00
Anal Gland
£19.60 £28.00
Allergy & Itching
£19.60 £28.00
Joint & Mobility
£19.60 £28.00
Dental Sticks
£8.40 £12.00
Training Treats
£4.20 £6.00
£19.60 £28.00
Puppy All-In-One
£19.60 £28.00
Gut & Digestion
£19.60 £28.00
Vet approved

A key part of the Scooch team, our vets helps us to support dog parents in getting ahead with their pet's health before problems arise.

Nutritionist formulated

A healthy diet and good nutritional support are essential components that help our dogs live the longest, healthiest lives possible.



    Natalie C.

    Supplements that my dog WANTS to eat. Normally I have to hide supplements in his food but these ones he actually drools to have! Amazing, thanks Scooch.

    Sharim A.

    Chewie loves them and they work! Chewie has always been itchy and she's never liked any treats. Well she loves Scooch, and even better, she is a lot less itchy!!

    Bronte W.

    Tasty treats! My Dachshunds love them! I wasn't expecting them to look/smell how they do, it was a pleasant surprise! My dogs look forward to them every day!

    Jane M.

    Tasty & good for my dog’s health. My dog loves them and they’re helping her. After 1 week she has already stopped itching and her dry skin has started to heal!

One subscription covers it all, fur real

Never guess again with AI-powered health assistant

Have peace of mind with 24/7 video vet support

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Identify potential conditions and problems in minutes

Complete our health checkups defined by vets to identify health problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Track health to monitor the progress and stay in control

Adjust a treatment on the fly based on health data

Can't keep up with your pet’s healthcare? Our algorithms will tailor a treatment plan for your pet’s needs.
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Get health tips and recommendations from vets

Save on Smart Insurance

Save money by improving your pet’s health score. The healthier your pet is, the better the price.
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