The pet health subscription

All-in-one subscription to eliminate hassle from your pet healthcare. From online assessment, health tracking and AI assistant to 24/7 vet support and vet-formulated treatments.

  • Never guess again

    Always guessing if there’s something wrong with your furry friend? We made it easy to identify and navigate pet health problems.

  • Stay in control

    Can’t keep up with your pet’s health care? We provide insight into your pet's health state and supervise the treatment process.

  • Ensure long and happy life

    Pets can’t tell how they feel, often suffering from unnoticed issues for years. We help your pet to live healthier and happier life.

How it works

Start with quick online assessment to identify your pet’s health problems
Get personalised treatment plan and insights based on health data
Track your health score to monitor the progress and stay in control
Ask our friendly vets or Rio: AI Assistant if you have any questions
Hey! I am Rio, your AI Assistant

Human-grade products for your furry friend

Vet & nutritionist

Plant based 100%
natural ingredients

No fillers & additives,
low fat & calorie

Clinically proven

grain & wheat free

eco-friendly pack

Essential care

£19.60 £28.00
Puppy All-In-One
£19.60 £28.00
Dental Sticks
£8.40 £12.00
Training Treats
£4.20 £6.00

Targeted treatments

Anal Gland
£19.60 £28.00
Allergy & Itching
£19.60 £28.00
£19.60 £28.00
Joint & Mobility
£19.60 £28.00
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Vet approved

I believe Scooch is your one stop shop in pet healthcare, be it gut issues, skin, dental and even those questions we don’t have answers to about our loved companions.

Dr Onneile Smeaton
Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons,
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
Nutritionist formulated

A healthy diet and good nutritional support are essential components that help our dogs live the longest, healthiest lives possible.

Carole Sandhu
Canine nutritionist, BSc Hons. MSс RD
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Only the best for your best bud

    Natalie C.

    Supplements that my dog WANTS to eat. Normally I have to hide supplements in his food but these ones he actually drools to have! Amazing, thanks Scooch.

    Sharim A.

    Chewie loves them and they work! Chewie has always been itchy and she's never liked any treats. Well she loves Scooch, and even better, she is a lot less itchy!!

    Bronte W.

    Tasty treats! My Dachshunds love them! I wasn't expecting them to look/smell how they do, it was a pleasant surprise! My dogs look forward to them every day!

    Jane M.

    Tasty & good for my dog’s health. My dog loves them and they’re helping her. After 1 week she has already stopped itching and her dry skin has started to heal!

The future of pet healthcare

The pet healthcare industry is reactive, costly and clunky.

Here at Scooch, we are on a mission to enable the pet healthcare experience of the future, to help our pets live the happiest and healthiest lives possible, and make pet care a no-brainer for pet parents.

We're building an end-to-end subscription, from AI assistant, online assessment and health tracking to smart insurance, 24/7 vet support and vet-formulated treatments.

Identify, Track, Improve

Pets can't tell you how they feel, so taking care of them is mostly guesswork. We want to change this.

With Scooch you can identify potential conditions, monitor and improve health with AI insights, vet tips and treatment recommendations.

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A note from our founder

Scooch started with my best friend, Rio.

As a pup, Rio experienced a few health issues that I later realised may have been prevented. Having already built a human health brand, I saw an opportunity to provide our four-legged friends with the same level of proactive, personalised care. So I began working with vets and nutritionists... and Scooch was born!

Baris Ozaydinli

CEO & Founder

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