What even are dog anal glands?

To put it simply, dog anal glands (also known as anal sacs) are two small, grape-sized pouches located on either side of your dog's anus.

These glands are responsible for producing a smelly, oily substance that helps dogs mark their territory and communicate with other dogs through scent. While this might sound fascinating, it can become problematic if these glands aren't functioning properly.

Common symptoms

SCOOTING: If you notice your dog dragging their rear end along the floor or ground, it could be a sign of discomfort caused by anal gland problems.
FOUL FISHY ODOUR: If you catch a particularly pungent smell coming from your dog's rear end, it could indicate an issue with their anal glands.
RUNNY POOPS: Poor digestion often goes hand in hand. The area around the anus may also become swollen or red if the glands are infected or impacted.
EXCESSIVE IRRITATION: Your dog might start excessively licking their rear end due to irritation or itchiness caused by anal gland issues.
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The anal gland revolution

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