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Save on vet bills with Scooch

Identify, treat and prevent painful dog health issues from the comfort of your own home with Scooch Health, the AI powered app defined by vets to take the guesswork out of caring for your furry friend.

Award logo for 'AI Startup of the Year 2024' by UKStartUp Awards London.Badge for 'TechRound Best PetTech Winner 2023' with a circular teal logo.
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One subscription covers it all, fur real

Identify potential conditions 
and problems in minutes

Complete our health checkups defined by vets to identify health problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Three smartphones displaying a pet health monitoring app interface with various health metrics.

Track health to monitor the progress and stay in control

Smartphones displaying a pet health monitoring app with various conditions listed.

Personalised treatment plan based on health data

Our algorithms and AI assistant will recommend a treatment plan tailored for your furry friend.

Two pet care products labeled for allergy and itching relief with dog illustrations.

Get personalised insights with AI-powered health assistant

As pet parents ourselves, we know how many questions come up each day. That’s why Rio was created, to take this guesswork out of pet care.

Meet Rio

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An illustration of a virtual assistant interface with a cartoon dog offering help.

Have peace of mind with 24/7 vet support

Smartphones displaying veterinarian telehealth service with female vet on screen.

Access exclusive content with guides and tips from our vets

Scooch vets will navigate you through pet healthcare and help you to be the best pet parent you can be.

A male doctor gesturing with his hands on a smartphone screen with text about joint and mobility advice for dogs.

Save on vet bills with insurance

Coming soon

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Forget to flea or vaccinate?

Taking care of our dogs can sometimes be overwhelming - that’s why Scooch Health helps you stay on top of their healthcare.

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Smartphone screen displaying a pet care reminders app with various upcoming and completed tasks listed.

And so much more

Subscription management

Manage all your Scooch subscriptions conveniently in one place.


Unlock free gifts and discounts with our rewards program.

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Fetch healthcare products tailored to your dog's needs directly in-app.

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Dogs lives improved

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4.9/5 (700+ Happy Pet Parents)

Hear from hundreds of happy pet parents

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Stylized line drawing of a dog on wheels.

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Skip the guesswork, save on vet bills.

Bring the vet into your living room and never be left wondering about your dog's health again with 24/7 video vets.

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I believe Scooch is your one stop shop in pet healthcare, be it gut issues, skin, dental and even those questions we don’t have answers to about our loved companions.

Dr Onneile Smeaton - BVMS MRCVS

Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

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Give your dog the care they deserve

With the Scooch app, you have everything you need to diagnose, treat, and prevent dog health issues at your fingertips.

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Sniff out the answers to your Scooch questions

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